OPG is the owner and operator of two nuclear power plants; Pickering Nuclear Generation Station in Pickering, Ontario and Darlington Nuclear Generating Station in Courtice, Ontario. 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[25], In October 2013, the Ontario government declared that the Darlington new build project would not be a part of Ontario's long term energy plan, citing the high capital cost estimates and energy surplus in the province at the time of the announcement. A worker trains at Darlington’s full-scale reactor “mock-up” facility located inside of the 2014–established Darlington Energy Complex. The facility was constructed in stages between 1981–1993 by the provincial Crown corporation, Ontario Hydro. The tank already contained purified (demineralized) water. In the end, the six years OPG spent on detailed planning and preparations were crucial to bringing Unit 2 back online within the planned 40 months. The work, which was entirely automated by millwrights and boilermakers from a remote control center, benefitted from a new production planning tool the team developed that was used in other work as well. CLARINGTON, Ont. At its peak, the refurbishment project will require 11,800 workers per year across the industry, it said, and it has continued several programs to attract, retain, align, and develop qualified resources for the project. [7], After public hearings, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission announced in December 2015 the renewal of Darlington’s power reactor operating licence, for a 10 year period from Jan. 1, 2016 until Nov. 30, 2025, to allow for the refurbishment of the Darlington station, which began in October 2016. Starting in December 2017, all 480 pressure tubes were removed. The company proposed a massive C$12.8 billion project that would be implemented in phases over 112 months: Work would begin with a 40-month project to overhaul Unit 2 by February 2020; then Unit 3 by 2023; Unit 1 by 2024; and finally, Unit 4 by 2026. [28], In February 2016, the Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change delayed a decision on OPG’s DGR, causing a pause in the timeline for the environmental assessment decision to be issued. Courtesy: OPG, “The integrated team undertook more than 765,000 training hours in the project’s leading-edge mock-up and training facility to safely shut down, defuel, disassemble and reconstruct the reactor,” OPG said. The oldest operating nuclear reactor in the United States was built in 1969. Following an initial feasibility study, OPG in 2010 delved into detailed planning to refurbish the four units. “I want to thank our refurbishment team, project partners, vendors and construction building trades workers for more than 24 million hours worked safely and for returning Darlington’s Unit 2 reactor to the grid at a time of unprecedented circumstances.” ■. ET) , to start a free trial, get pricing information, order a reprint, or post an article link on your website. Microgrid Solutions in Front of or Behind the Meter? OPG and its contractors split the work into five segments. A request for proposals (RFP) process for design and construction resulted in bids from Areva NP, Westinghouse, and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL). Improper choice of equipment and a six-month labour stoppage of electrical workers also yielded some of these costs and delays. Pivotal to the project was picking the right contractors. For obvious security reasons, you are not permitted much closer than this. Finishing the refurbishment of Darlington nuclear power plant’s Unit 2 will take longer than expected. Import/export balance: 62 TWh net export Total consumption:473 TWh Per capita consumption:14,000 kWh in 2017 Source: International Energy Agency, Electricity Information 2019. In 2006, OPG started the federal approvals process to build new nuclear units at the site of its Darlington Nuclear Station. In April 1999 Ontario Hydro was split into 5 component Crown corporations with Ontario Power Generation (OPG) taking over all electrical generating stations. [6] In June 2016, the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) named Darlington one of the safest and top performing nuclear stations in the world - for the third time in a row. [8], In March 2017, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and its venture arm, Canadian Nuclear Partners, announced plans to produce Plutonium-238 as a second source for NASA. Following the report, the federal government approved the Environmental Assessment. The audit office also flagged a shortage of skilled trades, a risk that it warned could prompt delays, especially during the 2020 outage season, when OPG would be in competition with other nuclear plants. [16] Discussion of who is to blame for the costs and subsequent debts associated with Darlington often arise during provincial election campaigns, and are often mentioned in anti-nuclear literature.[17]. In May 2018, the installation phase began. [12] A year-long period of public hearings and study by an Ontario government all-party committee finished in 1986 with the decision to proceed with the project, which had then risen to $7 billion in actual and committed costs. “Each fuel channel requires a fuel channel subassembly, consisting of a pressure tube made of zirconium, two stainless steel end fittings, and four annulus spacers, which play a critical role in maintaining the gap between the pressure tube and calandria tube. Preparing for Reactor Component Removal. Critically, it also involved removing the unit’s 960 feeder pipes, which carry the coolant required to cool nuclear fuel. Along with these new components, OPG notably also added a third, more robust emergency power generator and updated fire protection systems. The station is the largest employer in Bruce County, with over 4000 workers. When construction of all four units at the 3.5-GW Darlington Nuclear Generating Station in Clarington, Ontario, was deemed complete in 1990, the project was hailed for deploying a larger 878-MW commercial model of the CANDU (CANadian Deuterium Uranium) system. News & Technology for the Global Energy Industry. It posited, presciently, that extending the units’ useful lives to 2055 would give Ontario a foothold in what it saw was relentless movement toward decarbonization. Watts Bar 2, which entered commercial service in 2016, was the first new reactor added since 1996. The facility was opened in 2007, reportedly on schedule and on budget. Loading Fuel, Testing, and Restarting the Reactor. We are first in your inbox with the most important news in the industry―keeping you smarter and one-step ahead in this ever-changing and competitive market. [26], In November 2020 Ontario Power Generation announced plans to build a small modular reactor at Darlington Nuclear Generating Station. In 2006, at the direction of the Ontario government, Ontario Power Generation (OPG)—a corporation wholly owned by the province—began assessing the feasibility of extending the four reactors’ lifetimes, which were slated to end in the early 2020s. It is Canada's second-largest NPS and provides about 20 percent of Ontario's electricity needs, enough to serve a city of two million people. An additional four reactors are currently under construction. [18] The project is scheduled for completion by 2026, and will ensure safe plant operation through 2055. Other key contractors for the ongoing project include ES Fox for the supply and installation of replacements for the main components of the fueling machine power track system. Ontario Power Generation Darlington new nuclear power plant project. Refurbishment of Darlington unit 2 formally began on 14 October 2016 after six years of planning, and will take some 40 months to complete. The fuel channel installation work series, which OPG described as “one of the most complex phases on the project,” wrapped up in April 2019. Calder Hall was the world’s first industrial-scale nuclear power. Data for year 2017 The last nuclear power plant built in Georgia, USA, was the Alvin W. Vogtle facility in Burke county, Georgia. Nuclear protest: More than 100 demonstrators at Darlington nuclear power plant were arrested in rally earlier this month. - Ontario Power Generation unveiled its new training facility today for the refurbishment of the Darlington nuclear plant, which it says is the first of its kind in the world. New Democratic Party MPP Peter Tabuns, a nuclear opponent, pointed to the province's unhappy experience with building the Darlington nuclear station. Location: Bowmanville, Municipality of Clarington, ON Summary. It is a large nuclear facility comprising four CANDU nuclear reactors with a total output of 3,512 MWe (capacity net) when all units are online. The Darlington Waste Management Facility provides dry storage for the used fuel from Darlington, after an initial period in a water-filled storage bay. Among these tools is the “Re-Tube Tooling Platform,” a half-ton elevating work surface that is connected to four columns to allow it to move vertically across the reactor face. The Darlington New Nuclear Project is for the site preparation, construction, operation, decommissioning and abandonment of up to four new nuclear reactors at the existing Darlington site to generate approximately 4,800 megawatts of electricity to the Ontario grid. Please contact clientservices@accessintel.com or call 888-707-5814 (M – Th 9 am – 5:30 pm and F 9 am – 3 pm. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Darlington_Nuclear_Generating_Station&oldid=995440264, Nuclear power stations with proposed reactors, Nuclear power stations using CANDU reactors, Buildings and structures in the Regional Municipality of Durham, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Nuclear power station articles using Infobox power station, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, $14.4 billion CAD ($22.4 billion in 2018 dollars, This page was last edited on 21 December 2020, at 01:36. Physically Rebuilding the Reactor with New Components. The first reactor to be refurbished was Unit 2. Every door, hallway, pipe—down to their exact bend—and overhead light has been replicated, simulating all interferences that could be encountered during actual re-tube and feeder replacement work. “This in-depth training enabled the team to practice complex tasks before performing them in the field, resulting in improved efficiencies.”. POWER Magazine readers get exclusive power industry news–every business day. During the process, the CTI is shock-heated [to 1,100C] for 2.2 seconds to reduce the insert diameter by approximately a sixteenth of an inch,” OPG explained. 2020: On Tuesday, September 15 Darlington Unit 1 broke the world record for continuous generation at 963 days, a record previous held by Pickering Unit 7 at 894 days for 22 years until it was broken in 2016 by Heysham 2 in the UK. However, the company has resumed hiring of skilled trades workers to safely start this next phase on the project. 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Exelon Official: No New Nuclear Plants To Be Built in the U.S. Because of the plants' size and security needs, the costs become prohibitive. Explore Darlington Nuclear Plant in Bowmanville, Canada as it appears on Google Maps as well as pictures, stories and other notable nearby locations on VirtualGlobetrotting.com. External oversight came from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, which oversaw project safety; the provincial Ministry of Energy, which represented Ontario’s government as OPG’s sole shareholder and monitored project status and performance; and the Ontario Energy Board, the province’s electricity regulator, which reviewed project costs. Darlington Nuclear Plant (Google Maps). Formerly known as the Bruce Nuclear Power Development (BNPD), the facility was constructed in stages between 1970 and 1987 by the provincial Crown corporation, Ontario Hydro. The province has also approved the continued operation of OPG's Pickering plant to 2024. As of September 28, 2020, Unit 1 was at 976 days. “It will ensure Darlington remains among the best in the nuclear industry through its extended life.”. Safety of Nuclear Power Reactors. The Darlington project is for the site preparation, construction, operation, decommissioning and abandonment of up to four new nuclear reactors at the existing Darlington Site to generate approximately 4,800 megawatts of … The project was supposed to … Automating Remote or Hazardous Inspection with Agile Mobile Robots. A winning aspect of the heavy-water moderated power reactor developed in Canada is that refurbishment is configured into its design—it is assumed to be required at the mid-point in its operational service life. This segment involved opening the airlocks—for the first time since the plant was built in the early 1990s—and installing shielding, as well as removing interferences and installing the work platform. “CTIs are released from the tube sheet by means of induction heating using the CTI release tooling. The project passed the half-way mark on 15 February and remains on time and on budget, OPG said. "Most of our $20-billion hydro debt in Ontario is the result of nuclear plants that were built in the 1960s, '70s and '80s, and haven't been paid for yet." The successful refurbishment of Unit 2 at the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station marked a pivotal milestone for Ontario Power Generation’s 10-year, C$12.8 billion overhaul of the plant… Despite impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, OPG affirmed in an August 2020 investor briefing that total project costs continue to track the C$12.8 billion budget, and that the full project will be completed by the end of 2026. The process required the manual loading of 6,240 new fuel bundles into the actual reactor, according to a serialized numbering sequence, OPG said. The Darlington reactors have been among the best performing in OPG's CANDU fleet, including a top year in 2008 in which the plant achieved a combined 94.5% capacity factor Before disassembling a CANDU reactor, it must be disconnected from the grid. OPG indicated it took pointed action to address potential shortages by ensuring access to a sufficient pool of qualified trades. This resulted in an overflow of about 210,000 liters of water to the environment. Politics Oct 30, 2014 In fact, Darlington made industrial history by becoming the first nuclear station in North America to be certified under the tough ISO 14001 environmental standard. Each delay incurred interest charges on debt, which ultimately accounted for 70% of the cost overruns. May 24, 2020 May 29, 2020 0 163. OPG has proposed the construction and operation of a deep geologic repository for the long-term storage of this low and intermediate level waste on lands adjacent to WWMF. It is expected to be built by 2028 at the earliest.[27]. Finishing the refurbishment of Darlington nuclear power plant's Unit 2 will take longer than expected. Ontario Power Generation won approval from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission last week for plans to refurbish and extend the operating life of the Darlington nuclear plant.. Not a subscriber or a registered user yet? In June 2009, the Government of Ontario put the RFP process on hold, citing unexpectedly high bids, and the uncertainty surrounding the future of the only compliant bidder (AECL). The Darlington nuclear generation station Retube and Feeder Replacement (RFR) project is important because this reliable low carbon energy source accounts for more than 60% of Ontario’s energy, with Darlington accounting for approximately 20%. [5] It is named for the Township of Darlington (now part of Clarington), the name of the municipality in which it is located at the time of its planning. The Darlington reactors have been among the best performing in OPG's CANDU fleet, including a top year in 2008 in which the plant achieved a combined 94.5% capacity factor. “The installation process involved installing the calandria tube into a lattice site, verifying correct positioning on both reactor faces, then rolling the calandria tube, finishing with a leak test,” OPG said. The milestone remains “a truly historic moment for Ontario,” as Ken Hartwick, OPG’s president and CEO, noted in June, as Unit 2 began producing 100% power. In March 2018, work then moved to releasing the 960 calandria tube inserts (CTI) and, after that, to removing the 480 calandria tubes themselves. On October 14, 2016, OPG began Canada’s largest clean infrastructure project – the refurbishment of all four of Darlington’s reactors. Storage strategies will differ between the two pressurized water systems (AP1000 and EPR) and the ACR-1000 due to differences in the waste characteristics. Low and intermediate level waste from Darlington is stored at the Western Waste Management Facility (WWMF) at the Bruce nuclear site near Kincardine, Ontario. 1. Quick Description: Darlington Nuclear Power Plant is located along the north shore of Lake Ontario. Pramilla Malick, of Protect Orange County, said that the CPV Valley gas-fired plant was built specifically to replace the nuclear plant. News and information on nuclear power, nuclear energy, nuclear energy for sustainable development, uranium mining, uranium enrichment, nuclear generation … [30] The Nuclear Waste Management Organization is seeking a site in Canada for a permanent repository for used fuel from all of Canada's nuclear reactors. Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is a Canadian nuclear power station located on the north shore of Lake Ontario in Clarington, Ontario. Explore Darlington Nuclear Plant in Bowmanville, Canada as it appears on Google Maps and Bing Maps as well as pictures, stories and other notable nearby locations on VirtualGlobetrotting.com. “But shutting down the unit is not just a matter of pulling a plug,” OPG noted. Author Jesse McLean. COVID, notably, posed new workforce constraints that prompted OPG to postpone the start of the Unit 3 refurbishment by three months to May 2020. The co-ordinates are of a viewing platform from which you can see the station. The project proposal involved the construction and operation of up to four nuclear units, with capacity of up to 4,800 MW. The last nuclear plant to be built in Ontario, Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, was planned in the 1970s. A notable aspect at Darlington that bolstered the refurbishment project’s detailed planning and preparation is a distinctive training facility (Figure 1), where highly skilled workers can perform full “dress rehearsals” to practice using the more than 400 specialized tools developed by Ontario manufacturers to remove and install components, as well as conduct inspections and repairs on the project. According to the Conference Board of Canada, the $12.8 billion investment will generate $14.9 billion in economic benefits to Ontario, including thousands of construction jobs at Darlington and at some 60 Ontario companies supplying components for the work. Construction was finally deemed complete in late March, 2020. Unit 2’s success, which provided more lessons on how to navigate challenges, is now also driving optimism for the remainder of the project. Defense Daily subscriber and registered users, please log in here to access the content. Rods containing Np-237 [9] will be fabricated by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Washington State and shipped to OPG's Darlington Nuclear Generating Station where they will be irradiated with neutrons inside the reactor's core to produce Pu-238. Unit 2 was brought online in 1990, Unit 1 in 1992, and Units 3 and 4 in 1993. Tour of Darlington Nuclear Power Plant. Once built, nuclear plants generate enormous amounts of steady electricity, and hence enormous amounts of steady revenue. Built in Cumbria and costing £35m, it started operating in 1956 and was only decommissioned in 2003.The power plant had four reactors, and a total capacity of 194MW. In April 1999 Ontario Hydro was split into 5 component Crown corporations with Ontario Power Generation (OPG) taking over all electrical generating stations. After months spent inspecting the remaining components, including the calandria vessel, and cleaning and conditioning all other areas, workers began installing new Cameco-manufactured calandria tubes in an intensive four-month process. This ensures there is no contact between the components,” OPG said. OPG, notably, selected the joint venture through a competitive bidding process in 2015 after terminating a contract with another company, which it had hired in 2013 to build a heavy-water storage and drum handling facility (a major component that is used to safely store and process radioactive heavy water that is extracted from reactor units as they are being refurbished). Although the size and longer operating life of the Zion Nuclear Power Station resulted in greater activation of…, The refurbishment and restart of all four CANDU reactors at Bruce A may be Ontario’s most significant and…, The first unit of Ling Ao phase II (Unit 3) in Guangdong Province, China, entered commercial operation in…. [22][23][24], In August 2011, the three-member Joint Review Panel (mandated by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission) released a report finding that the Darlington new build project would not result in any significant adverse environmental impacts (after taking into account mitigation measures). We’ve got you covered! It assessed, for example, how to keep the plant open during the prospective project without disrupting the regional power supply, and designed new facilities for training, processing, and storing materials. Darlington Nuclear Generating Station Located in the Municipality of Clarington in Durham Region (70 km east of Toronto), Ontario Power Generation’s Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is a four-unit facility responsible for generating over 20% of Ontario’s electricity needs, which is … [19][20] The reactor was reconnected to the grid in June.[21]. Toronto Star [15] Inflation during 1977 to 1981 was 46 percent, according to Canada's Consumer Price index. [31], 2016: Corporate Community Leadership Award (Community Care Durham - Clarington) [32], 2014: Local Economic Impact Award (Clarington Board of Trade) [33], 2012: Environmental Achievement Award (Environmental Earth Angels) [34], 2011: In December 2011 Darlington achieved 12 million hours without a lost time injury [35], 2009: William H. Howard Conservation, Education and Outreach Award (Wildlife Habitat Council) [36], 2008: International Corporate Habitat of the Year Award (Wildlife Habitat Council) [37], 2007: Performance Improvement Award (Institute of Nuclear Power Operators) [38], 2007: 20th Anniversary Signatures of Sustainability Award (Wildlife Habitat Council)[39], 2005: International Corporate Habitat of the Year Award (Wildlife Habitat Council) [40], On Dec. 21, 2009, Darlington nuclear staff over-filled a storage tank with lake water. © 2021 Access Intelligence, LLC - All Rights Reserved. On May 6, 2015 the Joint Review Panel issued the Environmental Assessment (EA) Report recommending the approval of the Deep Geologic Repository for Ontario’s low and intermediate level waste to the federal government. A nuclear unit at the Darlington plant has been shut down following a leak of heavy water on Tuesday, Ontario Power Generation said. BWX Technologies (BWXT) will conduct inspections and maintenance of the station’s steam generators, as well as remove fuel from each reactor core. GE (formerly Alstom) will supply equipment and provide technical services for refurbishment of the turbine generators. The successful refurbishment of Unit 2 at the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station marked a pivotal milestone for Ontario Power Generation’s 10-year, C$12.8 billion overhaul of the plant’s four CANDU units. Disassembling the Reactor Core. [14] The project was adversely affected by declining electricity demand forecasts, mounting debt of Ontario Hydro, and the Chernobyl disaster which necessitated safety reviews in mid-construction. Indian Point was the only nuclear plant in New York to be excluded from the state’s clean energy standard, and Cuomo was opposed to its relicensing over perceived safety concerns. Ontario Power Generation unveiled its new training facility today for the refurbishment of the Darlington nuclear plant, which it says is the first of its kind in the world. The amount of tritium released to the environment was less than 1 percent of the regulatory limit and consistent with normal operational activities. The facility accurately represents the size, space, and lighting constraints within Darlington’s reactor vaults. In March 2020, it was announced that the refurbishment of Unit 2 was complete, and in April 2020, the reactor achieved criticality for the first time since being reassembled. OPG has since committed to completing further DGR studies by the end of 2016.[29]. “Our refurbishment-related overhauls and replacements mean greater reliability from both an operational and safety perspective,” said Dietmar Reiner, chief project officer. Ontario Power Generation announced the delay at the plant… 1959 – Chapelcross 1, 2 and 3 (4 in 1960) Scotland’s first nuclear power plant was Chapelcross in Dumfries. By June 2019, the team had inspected fuel bundles that were sequenced and packed by BWXT, and were readying for fuel load. Unit 2 was brought online in 1990, Unit 1 in 1992, and Units 3 and 4 in 1993. In January 2016, the company moved definitively to execute the refurbishment. Because OPG is wholly owned by Ontario, every one of Unit 2’s 450 tasks were under scrutiny by an assortment of parties to ensure the refurbishment would stay on track to meet OPG’s January 2016–announced estimated total project cost of C$12.8 billion and schedule. Nuclear power plants are very robust. After a restart process, the refurbished unit reached first criticality in April, and it returned to full service in June. [13] The final cost was $14.4 billion CAD, almost double the initial construction budget. Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is a Canadian nuclear power station on the north shore of Lake Ontario in Clarington, Ontario. The initial cost estimate for the station was $3.9 billion CAD in the late 1970s, which increased to $7.4 billion in 1981 when construction was started. Total generation (in 2017): 658 TWh Generation mix:hydro 393 TWh (60%); nuclear 101 TWh (15%); coal 60 TWh (9%); natural gas 58 TWh (9%); wind 29 TWh (4%); biofuels & waste 7.4 TWh; oil 7.3 TWh; solar 3.6 TWh. Defueling and Islanding. Nuclear station to become first large-scale nuclear station to produce molybdenum-99. OPG’s Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is a four-unit station with a net output of 3,512 megawatts (MW).