100% Coconut Oil and Annatto Soap Is there a recipe I can use or, Home  |  What's New! 95 ($0.81/Fl Oz) Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Simple Castile Soap. It is high in … A water discount helps the soap harden and unmold more quickly as well – a good place to start is about 5-10%. Palm oil – This one is refined, so it has a neutral color and smell. Some other oils such as jojoba oil have a lower SAP value, which means it takes less lye to turn it into soap, and some have a much higher value, which means you need more lye to turn it into soap. Palm oil is considered by soap makers to be a "hard oil," meaning it will add firmness to a bar of soap. Palm oil is completely different from Palm Kernel Oil and should not be used as a substitute. Tallow soap has many wonderful qualities to recommend it, such as a hard, long-lasting bar and creamy lather. We want to make soap using coconut oil and olive oil but we don't want to use palm oil. Coconut oil – 44%. Palm oil adds a unique feeling to cold process soap. You can make a soap with tallow or lard, olive oil, and your red Palm oil along with your lye water and essential oils and it will be a great bar. The best, hardest tallow comes from sheep or beef, and the organ fats called suet. If you stay within a few points of the original … Then weigh the water and fragrance oil in separate glass containers. I'm new to soap making. It has since gone further and developed Movis, … Answer: Visit my Fats and Oils page and scroll down to the heading "Love That Creamy Lather" for a list of options. Completely melt the bags of coconut oil and palm oil in the microwave before weighing. Other possible choices to use with the ones listed on my page are Avocado Oil and Rice Bran Oil since they are fairly … It is a natural source of Vitamin E and is a very rich source of beta-carotene. The closest substitute for palm oil is babassu oil, which comes from a native Brazilian palm tree. However, the babassu does have a lighter feeling on the skin and it absorbs quickly. Bramble Berry CEO and Founder Anne-Marie’s book, Pure Soapmaking, is another good resource. 2138 Humboldt St. Bellingham, Washington 98225 | 877-627-7883, Palm Oil Alternatives in Cold Process Soap. Sustainability Statement I understand it's good for producing a hard bar. Modified palm oil is adjusted to ensure the best consistency for spreading. They add similar hardening properties in cold process soap. Red palm oil – This oil has a gorgeous natural color that turns soap orange. It’s a liquid salt that helps harden the soap so you can unmold it more quickly. Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) are used in soapmaking as secondary lathering agents and also contribute to a hard bar of soap. Remember that the red Palm oil will make a dark reddish brown bar, but it will be very bubbly and works great! Let’s modify this recipe. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Sunflower Oil. One of the best things about handmade soap is that you get to decide what goes in your recipe. If you are looking to replace palm oil, tallow is a popular option. Some may dislike the use of tallow or lard in soap, since they are animal byproducts. Like palm oil, it’s solid at room temperature and it can be used in soap up to 33%, although you may want to start with a smaller amount because it can stain molds and skin. It will speed up trace, so be prepared to work fast. Some … In cold process soap, the oil can be used up to 33%. Answer: Visit my page on Soap Making Oils and scroll down to the heading "Love that Creamy Lather" for a list of oils to use instead of palm oil in a recipe. Palm kernel oil makes a hard, almost brittle white bar of soap … If you've found this site to be helpful in expanding your soap making knowledge and would like to make a SMALL donation to help with the cost of maintaining this site, your support would be greatly appreciated. You can also use tallow or lard in place of palm. For those looking for an alternative, here are your options: Palm/ Palm Kernel Oil: These oils are the most popular plant-based alternative to beef tallow or lard when it comes to hardening a bar of soap. When replacing palm in a recipe, you’ll want to find an oil/butter that contains high amounts of palmitic or stearic acid. Note: many of these oils for soap making can be purchased here. Tallow/Lard: You can substitute this in direct proportion for palm oil; using up to 25 to 35% in a recipe. If you do substitute an oil for the palm oil in a recipe, remember to run the changed recipe through a lye calculator to get the new amount of lye that you will need. We only recommend it up to 15% in cold process soap – a higher percentage can make the bars too hard. Some of your choices include Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Lard and Tallow. Palm oil is mostly used in the food industry to manufacture cheaper, healthier foods. When making soap with palm oil, the glycerin yield is actually lower then with other soap making oils. Apricot Kernel Oil. A higher amount of coconut oil can be drying, so you can increase the superfat or add moisturizing oils like avocado and sweet almond. Another option is to increase the coconut oil up to 33%. Avocado oil – 4%. Well, it was getting quite late last night and I was finishing up my last batch of soap. It also has a neutral color and smell. Apricot kernel oil is a light oil that is similar to almond oil in its fatty acid makeup. Soap made from a high percentages of olive oil is soft upon un-molding but will cure to be a … Babassu and palm kernel are great if you want to to make a coconut oil free soap (for those allergic). BY CATHY WINSBY, © 2008 - 2016, SOAP-MAKING-ESSENTIALS.COM, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Beeswax. Copyright © 1999-2019 Bramble Berry ® Inc. All Rights Reserved. Buttermilk Bastille Baby Bar I got my water mixture out of the fridge and whisked it into, I'm interested in making my own soap and shampoo bars, but my young son is allergic to all nuts and possibly to coconut. However, due to the ethical and environmental issues surroundin palm oil I don't really want to use it. I was thinking about replacing the palm with lard. The Lard and Loofah Bars are palm free and made with natural ingredients like carrot puree and bergamot essential oil. Coconut oil: Palm kernel oil is actually chemically more similar to coconut oil than palm oil, which is why we use both palm and coconut oils in our soaps, as both give different properties. When substituting oils, always use a lye calculator to be sure of the amount of lye and water to be used. Red palm oil – This oil has a gorgeous natural color that turns soap orange. It has similar qualities in soap as palm oil. Lard and Loofah Soap Many soap making recipes call for palm oil Many soap making recipes call for palm oil, even some of the older ones here on Lovely Greens (here are my palm-oil-FREE soap recipes). Coconut Oil – Coconut oil gives our soap lather. It is solid up to 24 o C (76 o F). Tallow, Lard and Palm oils are ones that can be substituted without running through a lye calculator and I’ve never had a problem. Palm oil alternatives The closest substitute for palm oil is babassu oil, which comes from a native Brazilian palm tree. Both lather up like coconut oil and contribute to the hardness of a bar. This oil is also from an RSPO supplier. Soap made with palm oil lathers well but will not produce a very bubbly lather. While ours is from a vendor that supports sustainable production, some makers choose not to use it. Add hard butters like mango, cocoa, and shea up to 15% in the recipe. Palm oil alternatives I really like it except that it ends up being yellowish (palm and olive oil) and it moves really fast. Related Posts. How to substitute oil in cold process recipes soap queen back to basics simple gentle cold process soap queen palm oil alternatives in cold process soap queen 8 homemade palm oil soap recipes simple life mom. Learn more about palm oil production here. Rice Bran oil – 5%. https://www.humblebeeandme.com/a-guide-to-carrier-oil-substitutions Real butter gets the job done. All content on this website is for informational purposes only. Queen of Hearts Soap Set aside. It helps harden the bars and it creates lather when paired with coconut oil. This will make harder bars and also add moisturizing properties your skin will love. Luck of the Irish Soap Replacing palm oil: Palm oil gives soap firmness and is a secondary lathering agent. This post talks about how to work with tallow, and this one has a laundry soap recipe. Many people may want to make their own soap without palm oil. |  Contact Info  |  Privacy Policy. Brine and Rose Clay Soap It’s solid at room temperature. Palm oil free soap. Coconut oil, Babassu oil, and Palm Kernel oil can be substituted for one another (notice that palm kernel oil and palm oil … You can find palm free soaps which exfoliate and detoxify. Half of the recipes are palm free. If you don't have coconut oil, you can substitute in babassu oil or palm kernel oil. On one hand, it’s good stewardship to use something that would normally be thrown away. Of course, the palm oil in Nutella is the second ingredient written as ‘modified palm oil’. This oil is also from an RSPO supplier. On the other hand, it’s not compatible with the beliefs of vegans and some religions. Weigh the coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, and olive oil into a glass container with a volume of at least 64 oz. Learn more about working with butters in this post. Busy Beeswax Soap Bramble Berry palm oil options Palm oil is occasionally referred to as the "vegan's substitute for tallow" because it adds similar structural properties to the soap as tallow while allowing you to avoid the use of animal products if you so desire.. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Palm kernel flakes – This is a mixture of partially-hydrogenated palm kernel oil and soy lecithin, and it comes in flake form. Our supplier is member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil – learn more about the organization here. Helps to speed trace as well. Learn more about palm oil and how to substitute it below. However, if you’re shying away from beef tallow and lard for reasons of animal welfare or the environment, you should really think twice about using palm products. MD.LIFE PALM OIL - 16oz - Sustainable Food Grade Palm Oil for Cooking - Great for Soap Making Supplies, Cooking Oil, Creams and Lotions 4.5 out of 5 stars 48 $12.95 $ 12 . Sunflower oil – 7%. Palm oil is efficient, cholesterol free, and high in carotene. Palm oil is often used as a substitute of tallow in making the vegan version of classic soap recipes. With a few soap making supplies, you can get started. Palm-Free In-The-Pot Swirl Soap Butter is another animal product that can be used instead of palm oil in recipes calling… It adds the same firming and cleansing properties, and it can be added at a rate of up to 30%. It’s also really cheap to buy and easy to find. Olive oil – 35%. Sorry if this has been asked before. Sugar, Modified Palm Oil, Hazelnuts, Cocoa Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Whey Powder, Soy Lecithin, and Vanillin. Layered Lilac Loofah Soap Shea butter – 5%. It adds the same firming and moisturizing properties as coconut and palm. What would be a good substitution for palm oil? It creates good firm bars with decent lather and along with olive oil and coconut oil make excellent bars. Just remember to run your recipe through the Lye Calculator after any substitutions. Like palm oil, it’s solid at room temperature and it can be used in soap up to 33%, although you may want to start with a smaller amount because it can stain molds and skin. by Lindsay Palm-Free Vertical Twist Soap Often people are worried that tallow soap will smell like … How to substitute oil in cold process recipes soap queen back to basics simple gentle cold process soap queen palm oil alternatives in cold process soap queen how to make cold process soap wellness mama. Yet if you made soap with only palm oil, it may be brittle and crumble. It can also be very emollient when combined with other soap making oils, such as olive oil. Beeswax can be used at up to 8% in cold process recipes, and will yield a very hard bar of soap. These flakes are also from an RSPO supplier. Some are therapeutic and/or antibacterial. Canola oil is an effective high-heat cooking oil, and can be used for frying. … Soaps produced with palm oil also have less glycerin than other vegetable oil-based soaps, making it harsher on skin. Whereas coconut oil makes larger bubbles, it can be skin drying in larger amounts. We also recommend sodium lactate for palm-free recipes. Palm kernel oil Palm kernel oil is very similar to coconut oil in fatty acid profile. I've seen that a lot of recipies online use palm oil. Palm-free recipes It’s easy to use, just add 1 teaspoon of sodium lactate per pound of oils to your cooled lye water. The most common substitutes that I see recommended are tallow and lard. All of these will perform beautifully in soap. I want to make my own soap but hear palm oil is bad for the rainforest. There are recipes. Babassu oil can be used in place of coconut or palm in your cold process soap recipe. I have been using a CP recipe with palm, canola, castor, coconut, olive, rice bran, shea, and soy wax. These are the most common oils for soap making, though others can also be used. Don’t forget to fully melt and mix the palm oil before use, that way the fatty acids will distribute evenly. What can I use instead of palm oil? You can replace some or all of the palm with babassu. When designing a palm oil free soap, UK cosmetics brand LUSH shifted to a blend of rapeseed and coconut oil. (Edmonton). *For more information about coconut oil and it’s properties in skincare, refer to our recent article from Stephensons. Canola Oil. Palm oil is used in cold process soap to help harden the bar and is typically used as a replacement for tallow in all vegetable oil recipes. It makes soap easier to unmold, and contributes to a thicker trace. With gloves and goggles on, weigh out the lye in a glass container. My main hesitation with using it is because often antibiotics and other toxins a… Gentle Oatmeal Baby Soap Tallow Soap Doesn’t Smell. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Palm oil soap benefits, and the differences: Palm Oil: Known for creating a long lasting and hard bar with small bubbles and a creamy texture.