It's a free compilation of all documentaries posted each week, straight to your inbox. The reason some believe Lyme disease escaped Plum Island is because the island is located just a few miles off the coast of Lyme, Connecticut, which is where the first outbreak of Lyme was observed in 1975. (use your imagination to figure out who the bad people are And Plum Island just so happens to be a former center for biowarfare and bioweapons … Cheers. . In the 1970s, a mysterious and deadly illness began infecting children in a small town in Connecticut. Then when skeptics challenge your wild ideas, here come the accusations that those who don't sign on with you are brainwashed patsies for the status quo. These people definitely have a legitimate condition, my opinion, amateur though it may be, is that it is exactly what they say ti is, chronic Lymes disease. Lyme Disease Support Group. So we can only get a month of antibiotics here, and doctors who prescribe more than that are threatened by the college of physicians and forced to retire (this has happened to several Canadian doctors). It is obvious you know nothing about lyme. My doctor here in Canada was aware of how poor our testing is, so he prescribed me a month of antibiotics, but he would have been putting his career and livelihood in jeopardy if he had given me any more. Ticks checks are a part of my everyday life, as it should be for everyone. There are not many out there. 1) Lyme disease is endemic to all land areas surrounding Plum Island. Killer honeybee? WaldO - You are pathetic. Thank God for them. Deny treatment, make money on antibiotics that won't kill parasites, define the rules, make doctors treating it an example by stripping them of their licensure, and use the CDC as a legitimate definer of test results. Since 1954, the center has had the goal of protecting America's livestock from animal diseases. Infecting ticks to weaponize Borrelia is the problem. I am a Canadian, and I was ill with Lyme disease for 15 years before any doctor here even suggested that I be tested for it. Most people that I know ignore just about everything that is going on around them or in them. Very cool indeed. AD The thing about you folks who always think that Big Brother is behind everything is that you can't accept one of the most basic facts of reality: randomness and chaos. The Plum Island facility, operated by the Department of Agriculture, conducted research on foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) of cattle, one of Traub's areas of expertise. The battle counties. Where I live is infected with deer ticks, the South Eastern U.S. Fortunately I haven't heard about anyone getting Lyme disease yet though. You also need to be checked for co infection. In 1952, the Army Chemical Corps reactivated the now notorious Plum Island Animal Disease Center, which is located on a bird haven isle only a few miles from and adjacent to Lyme, Connecticut, on the same island which also houses Fort Terry, a … Likely the most convincing reason to believe in the dangerous experiments and leaks that occurred at Plum Island is the fact that Lyme disease cases are clustered around Plum Island according to the CDC. Yea, THAT Politician needs a taste of his own medicine..... like His 'Career Shortened.' un-involved people are not willing to give c.100 mins to this sort of thing these days. Tim, are you referring to Dr. Alan MacDonald? Raise them up as babies and let them forage. F**k YT, Google, and the Alphabet Soup for their obvious (but poor) attempts at censoring the public of critical information! I LOVED IT! Thanks for sharing "mrfailure". Take bath, do tick check, put on PJs, brush teeth, etc. This film was shot a few years ago, I would love to see some updated statistics to know how the diagnosis is increasing. I was particularly troubled by the gentleman at the end of the film who was presented as a researcher who had cracked the case, yet he was only identified by his first name. So they would rather think that some Dr. No-like super-villain is controlling things from his secret lair. The other issue is also that our testing for Lyme in Canada is awful. . Traub was offered a leading position at Plum Island in 1958 which he officially declined. has a referral service. Innocent citizens have a right to know if deadly afflictions are purposely being manufactured. . - make an edited (20 min) version. I didn't have insurance so I took some old antibiotics I had. . By Brian Wilson | Tuesday, February 25, 2020 . and kudos to Dr MacDonald and his research! Last year, while I was checking out information on Lyme for my husband, I discovered a couple of sites discussing Plum Island and the tick conspiracy. You want them to be hunters but not starving. The Canadian health care system follows the CDC's policies for Lyme, which have been determined by the IDSA, as is detailed in this documentary.